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 Malata King DVD Player MDVD-6838 with 20000 Songs
Retail Price: $400.00
Price: $369.99
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US$369.99  + Shipping
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Brand:  Malata
Model No:  
Size:  null
Item No:  11124
Weight:  N/AKG
Malata King DVD Player MDVD-6838 with 20000 Songs.
电 源 AC,100-240 V,适合全球任何地方使用
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[naudynne]2007-10-02 请问美国芝加哥附近有维修点吗?? 多谢。
[Jimmy]2007-09-16 Is there anyone know where to repair MDVD-6838? I bought one from China two years ago, but it does't work now. Thanks!
[HX]2007-02-16 This is a very bad one, I bought one in July 2006, and not working at all after 3 month. It appeared no disk all the time, no matter it's DVD, VCD or CD. my other 2 friends bought the same version MDVD-6838 in last year as well, and both are not working now!
[山水美]2007-02-16 从中国买了一台此款机型,半年后完全不能用! 请问在美国哪里可以维修? 多谢。
[山水美]2007-02-16 从中国买了一台此款机型,半年后完全不能用! 请问在美国哪里可以维修? 多谢。
[Panjian Li]2006-11-27 I would appreciate if you could tell where I need to send for repair.
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