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 Gourmet Super Luxury Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker
Retail Price: $180.00
Price: $129.99
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US$129.99  + Shipping
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Brand:  OEM
Model No:  BT-80XL
Size:  320 x 320 x 330mm
Item No:  24765
Weight:  0.5KG
Gourmet Super Luxury Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker. Do you ever wish that your kitchen was more spacious so that you can keep your constantly increasing number of cooking equipments in order? Do you ever dream that, even better, someone would actually cook for you everyday? Don't you wish that your utility bill would go down in face of the current high energy cost? And don't you wish that there was less oily steam or smoke from your cooking to pollute your kitchen and house?

Well, the good news is that, with Gourmet Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker, your wishes and dreams are now one step closer to reality! Gourmet Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker is a product of modern science- a dream cooking instrument that you'll be glad to own.

- Combining the feature of a rice cooker and a pressure cooker, Gourmet® Electric Pressure Cooker is truly multi-functional. It is a rice cooker, a braising cooker, and a pressure cooker! You can use it to cook rice, porridge, soup, stew, meat, ribs, chicken, beans, etc., all with just a simple menu selection! With this cooker, you can put many of your old cooking equipments away, and you are sure to feel that your kitchen is a lot more spacious and orderly!

Easy to use -Gourmet® Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker cooks fully automatically. There are multiple pre-set cooking selections on the control panel. These cooking settings are fully optimized according to traditional Chinese cooking and are designed based on the experience of famous Chinese chefs who are part of the design team. All you need to do is to measure in the ingredient you would like to cook, close the lid and push a button to select the desired cooking cycle. The deluxe electric pressure cooker will finish the rest. It would automatically control temperature and pressure- absolutely no manual operation is needed during cooking. After cooking, the cooker automatically enters the "Keep warm" status. With Gourmet® Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker, you no longer have to keep checking whether the food is cooked. It is like having an experienced chef doing a large part of cooking for you all the time, and always perfectly!

  • Large capacity: 5 liters or 1.5 gallons or 6 quarts
  • A brand new concept: A rice cooker AND a pressure cooker.
  • Cooks everything: rice, porridge, chicken, meat, stew, ribs, etc
  • Cooks intelligently with an optimized program
  • Cooks automatically. Absolutely no manual operation required during cooking
  • Cooks quickly. Saves time and energy by 40-60%!
  • Cooks quietly. None of the loud noises created by conventional pressure cookers.
  • Cooks cleanly. No jet steam like that of conventional pressure cooker.
  • Removable inner pan for easy cleaning
  • Safe to use with multiple safety mechanisms
  • Preset timer up to 12 hr before cooking
  • Digital display of remaining cooking time
  • Digital display of food temperature w/o opening lid
  • Digital display of energy usages


Model BT-80XL
Power rating 110V 60Hz 900W
Capacity 5 liters or 1.5 gallons or 6 quarts
Cook Types rice, porridge, chicken, meat, stew, ribs, etc.
Language support multiple languages English/Chinese
Preset 12 hour
Size 320110 x320 x 332 mm
Net weight 13 lb

New features with Model BT-80XL:
You can conveniently preset your cooker up to 12 hours before actual cooking. Cooking is easier than ever.
You can easily select 1 of the 7 cooking functions by pressing 1 button.
The cooker will display cooking function, cooking time, and the remaining cooking time precisely.
The cooker can display temperature of the food inside the cooker without opening the lid.
The cooker can display energy usage during the cooking cycle. You can see how little energy it uses.
The cooker will automatically keep the food warm after cooking is finished.
The cooker comes with stainless steel inner pot. No more Teflon. Best for your health.

Time, money, nutrient, and environment saving - Gourmet® Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker is NOT the traditional pressure cooker that you can find in supermarkets or department stores. Traditional pressure cookers let out steam to balance internal pressure during cooking. In contrast, Gourmet® Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker is equipped with a thermal and pressure sensor that will turn on and off heating automatically. Therefore, the cooker does not let out steam during cooking. Because of this:
The cooker has very high thermal efficiency. It generally reduces your cooking time by 40% and saves energy by 60%.
Overtime, it saves a lot of time and money that you could spend on something else.
The cooker preserves the nutrients and flavors of the food.
The cook preserves the vivid color of your vegetables.
The cooker is very quiet in comparison with traditional pressure cookers which make loud noises.
The cooker cuts down on oily steams that pollute your kitchen and home.

Reliable and Safe - Gourmet® Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker is equipped with the following built-in safety devices in addition to the microprocessor automatic control of temperature and pressure, which makes it the most reliable and safe pressure cooker ever:
Open/close lid safety device
Pressure limit safety device
Pressure release safety device
Temperature control/protection device

Easy to clean - Gourmet® Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker is equipped removable stainless steel inner pot. This makes cleaning easy.
Keep your health in priority - Everyone knows that Teflon coating is bad for your health. Almost all the rice cookers have Teflon-coated inner pots. Over the year, all these coating gets eaten by you and your loved one. The stainless steel inner pot is one of the most important reason that you should choose to use this cook. With the stainless inner pot.

This product is protected by our 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

What's in the box
  • 1 x pressure cooker
  • 1 x Power adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz)
  • 1 x User manual - English
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