Diamond Care

Here is some how to maintain your diamond jewelry and keep them in the best conditions forever. Your diamond jewelry fulfilled your dreams. It is clear that you want them to be as shining and beautiful as the day you have bought them.

Protect your diamonds
However a diamond is the hardest natural material it can be scratched by another diamond. It is necessary to keep every diamond jewel in its own box to avoid scratching. Do not wear diamond jewelry if you have to work manually in some situations. Diamonds can be released from the ring or the gold bail and lost easily. See a jeweler every six moths and let him check how firm is the diamond set inside the bail.

Cleaning diamond jewelry
If you clean your jewelry regularly you can have shining and beautiful diamonds forever. The best way is to have a diamond jewel cleaned by professionals. You can have the expert checked the setting of diamond at the same time.

Soft and liquid soap
Put your diamond jewelry into the lukewarm water with liquid soap. Take a toothbrush and clean it gently. Than wash each jewel under the running lukewarm water and dry it with a soft textile. Check that there is no jewel in the bath and empty it.