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 All Region DVD Player KG-868F7(black)
Retail Price: $160.00
Price: $139.00
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US$139.00  + Shipping
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Brand:  凯高|KG
Model No:  KG-868F7
Size:  null
Item No:  14392
Weight:  naKG
All Region DVD Player KG-868F7(black). 整机尺寸: 260*234*33mm

● 高清视频输出,图像更清晰
● 模拟5.1声道,数字音频/光纤同轴输出
● 极速2.0USB接口,轻松实现即插即用
● 数码转录,断电记忆功能,软件智能升级
● 电子抗震数字图像调节技术,图像还原更真实
● DVD-AUDIO原声再现,采用192/24BIT音频数模转换
● 108MHZ/12BIT视频数模转换器,视频采样频率高
● 超强兼容多种格式碟片,流畅解读MP3、MP4、CD-RW、KODAK PICTURE CD
● 最新一体化单芯片机芯,超强MPEG4解码,纠错更强,性能更稳定
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